3. Market

Assess Your Goals, Your Projected Timeline, and the Value of Your Business 

Create Marketing Materials

Identify unique value propositions. Document strategic and competitive advantages. Identify strengths and opportunities. Reach out directly to qualified buyers including private equity groups and entrepreneurs. Receive inquiries and qualify interested parties. Review and communicate offers. Advise on options. Develop a clear and shared story, vision, and outcome between yourself and your representative.

Marketing Strategy

During the marketing strategy our experts work with you to determine the appropriate positioning and narrative of your company.

  • Size of your business
  • Industry
  • Operating Cash Flow
  • Micro and macro trends
  • Business model
  • Key performance indicators
  • SBA lending practices
  • Perceived strengths and weaknesses

We have experience working with thousands of buyers and understand the types of questions they will have, and where they will perceive risk.


What are the strengths that make your business appealing to a buyer? Do you have a strategic advantage in your market? Has your company been in business for a number of years through good and bad economic events? Do you have a highly diverse and loyal customer base? Have you developed trade secrets or IP?

What are the perceived weaknesses a buyer might be concerned about when considering buying your business? Is your equipment outdated? Do you have a high employee turn over? Is your business in decline? By identifying these perceived risks early on, we work to understand why, and to build a clear story around these risks, as well as to proactively identify solutions the buyer can consider.

When a buyer is purchasing a business, they want to know what opportunities for market growth will be available to them? What are the positive external factors which your business benefits from? Does your industry have positive growth projections? Is there a change in market structure that is creating new opportunities for growth? Has a new customer base recently begun to find a need for your product?

Above all, most buyers will be concerned with the perceived risks affecting your business and your market segment. In this case, it is important to proactively document determine threats to your market. Is your business affected by international trade policy? Is your market segment being disrupted by new technology or business model? Have the tastes or preferences of your customers changed?

Profile Ideal Buyer

What does the business need to grow? Based on the risks/challenges that have been identified, what buyer is best suited to meet these challenges? What synergies are available and which buyer will realize the most value?

Develop Marketing Assets

With a profile of the ideal buyer, and an understanding of their concerns and desires, our experts will compile the marketing materials needed to ensure max awareness of the sale of your business through a confidential listing.

Before moving forward with the development and creation of marketing materials it is important that all parties have an understanding and are in agreement with the proposed marketing strategy. As the seller, you will have final approval of all marketing materials before they become public.

Some of the key marketing assets we will create in order to maximize exposure of your confidential business listing include:

  • Public teaser page
  • Marketing letters and emails
  • Confidential business review
  • Industry segment and customer reports

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